Mother's Day

This was taken in King Crab to celebrate earliet Mom's day.

Jasmine seldom get her picture taken cos her mother focus too much on her little brother. Poor girl...


Her birthday was celebrated last month (29th) without cake and pressie. So I got her this and it made her day... Just a tiny cake that cost me RM5.90 and it made 3 kiddos happy. Value for money!

And of course the little boy enjoyed the fried rice and the Elmo cake.

And no pics of the VIP cos photog is too busy eating crab. Muahahahah


  1. Annie Q said...

    Pretty Jasmine, she really look like u a lot!! Nice Elmo cake!

  2. ShannonC. said...

    birthday also not celebrated? poor gal... next time u celebrate for her jeh... invite us... :D

  3. Health Freak Mommy said...

    Wei, you ate crabs ar? DOn't eat too much hor.

  4. anywhere_Smile said...

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