Firefly (the naive girl in my office) received a call yesterday from a bank offering her an opportunity to apply for a credit card. She was thrilled because her application was rejected many times due to her low income. Well, anyway she told me about it and asked me what I think about her getting a credit card with her low income. I told her that it is okay to apply for one and keep for the "just in case" or emergency case in the future.

But she has too many queries and she is driving me up the wall! What if I used the credit card and then I don't have money to pay back on time? What if my credit card went missing? What if my boyfriend took my credit card and used it on behalf of me? So many what IFs!!! *pull hair* Now you know why we call her naive eh?

But anyway I answered her queries (I'm starting to feel like an information counter now) and even told her that with the credit cards instant approval system, it is easier to apply for credit cards nowadays compared to the past. Now, everyone can even apply for visa cards. But one advise to her is that she needs to plan her financial properly and use only when necessary or when she think she is able to pay back. Otherwise she will be buried in interests for her debts.

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