A man thought that by keeping all the problem to himself, he is doing a good thing for all.

He never know that if the wife knows that he is keeping a secret all by himself, the wife is also worried sick.

And how stupid can a man be , thinking that he can hide problems from the wife?

And the wife is super duper good in thinking about nonsense. What do you expect a pregnant woman to think when the husband can't sleep at night, checks email in the middle of the night, say that he is super duper tired all the time, No mood, No nothing, not even anything.

So instead of thinking about not affecting the wife's thinking, he is making the wife going nutz.

When the wife told him, he will say sorry. And then...the story begin again.




  1. Elaine said...

    men are from mars, women from venus, so men and women think differently. My man also don't like to share his problem with me...then what's the wife for wor..

  2. mott said...


    got time to chat or not? tomorrow???

    i'm here if u need to talk k...


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