After a few round of measuring and checking out the place, and also a few days for me to design it, finally yesterday we're supposed to propose it to the customer.

And guess what?

Want to do renovation in May.

Stupid or not?

It's not like the renovation was an impromtu plan. It was planned long time ago and now only they inform us that they're renovating it.

And before that I've asked them so many times "Any requirements for the TV??". No requirement.

Now they want 32" LCD TV. Luckily we haven't buy the tv and the dvd player yet.

Well, sit and wait for the renovation plan lor.

Waste my time designing only. Stupid.


  1. Joanne said...

    aiyoh, what to do....there is so many stup1d people in this world. By the way, if there isn't any
    stup1d people in this world, then people won't know that WE ARE SMART!! HAHAHAHA

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