I don't know.

I don't how I should feel now.
Or what I should do next.
All I know is, I am so lost.
Should I be angry that my son's nanny rejected my son?
Or should I be happy that she helped me decide when to place him in kindy when I have been wondering when is the right timing?
Or I should be sad that she gave me the reason as if my son is some sick kiddo that is out of control?
Or should I be extra angry that she helped the other girl to bully my son all the time?
Or Should I be sad that she has totally no love for my son whom she has taken care for 25 months and 1 week now.
And everything about him is all being pushed to me.
I have to decide where to put him after sch.
I have to decide how izit going to be during the changes between nanny and daycare.
I have to come out during working hour to pick him him.
I have to wake up earlier to get things ready for him.
I have to find the water container and dammit i cannot find the straw for it.
I have to make sure he wake up earlier so that he won't be blur when he's at sch.
And now I have to decide whether I should give up my job and stay home.
Or let him be in the daycare.
How ? How? How???????


  1. adrian said...

    I'm sure u have heard of day care centres like BrightKids, etc. They even provide transport but I think it's best to drop him off as ur son is still young.

    Ur son will enjoy himself there with the other kids and there are many teachers as well.

    My son started going to BrightKids after kindie and he is loving it. They help him with homework, arrange activities, etc.

    I see there are young kids like ur son's age. Definitely better than being with a nanny.

  2. Anonymous said...

    How?! The hubby have to help...that's how. Parenting takes two unless that person is a single parent.

  3. mott said...

    i like what anon has to say, but sometimes, life is not perfect. I think mums r mostly single parents. we hv to think and do EVERYTHING.

    i know how u feel la sasha........ sometimes, i feel we must open that hotel la....

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