Me Weird?

I'm Not weird Mott. I'm just with different personality from other ppl. That's all.
So you wanna know 6 weird things about me? Can....Can....

1. I cannot go to Restaurant Toilet before or after meal. I will puke. And Petrol Station toilets-NEVER. I don't know why. So I HANG IN THERE even for HOURS!!!!

2. When I go shopping, I need to buy something home. (gotto change that now since I'm jobless)

3. I love my bra. I will protect my bra from being kemek and cacat. Maybe cos i used to work in lingeris company. I love Bras.....

4. I'm like her.I cannot touch worm and anything that wiggles (err except that one la) but I can kill cockroach with my hands. (why ah Mott?)

5. I love heels. I'm trying to avoid to high heels cos the lil one is getting heavier. When I was preggie, i cannot wear flats cause i tried it once and I nearly fall down with my huge tummy. But I can balance myself better with heels. Why? I dunno..hahha

6. I love to mix around in companies and in gatherings. But I prefer my house to be just for me and my family. Maybe I felt that my house is so small and smelly (with dogs in the house) So i prefer to meet ppl outside. tag 4 person:
Lil Devil: Appreciate yr comments, so we friend friend okay?
WhoisBaby: Tagged yr sis, then gotto tag you also ma...right?
Rimus: Sorry ah, didn't go blog hop recently. But then I will when you do this tag.
Papajoneh: Eksyen, never come to my blog anymore. FINE! hahahah


  1. papajoneh said...

    OMG this new GM. Put such comment on me. Nah take this. Im the first one here. What more you want. Hahaha.

    Ohhh... now i know, thats part of being weird working as GM now. Something gone berserk in the head izzit... hahaha.

  2. LiL'deviL said...

    Thanks for the tag. Will do it, still got two tags overdue, ish! Anyway, some comments about your weirdness:

    #1: My bladder is pretty good too but I still can 'shee shee' out but number 2 is strictly at home!

    #4: Kill cockrach with your hands?! EEEWWWW!

    #5: Ok, exactly how high were your heels?

  3. Sweetpea said...

    whoa!! now i can tag sasha!!

  4. W_W_Ho said...

    answer ur tag liao loh, but soon after that, my brain fails on me for 1 hour. Shit!!!

  5. wHOisBaBy said...

    i've done the tag long long time aready loh: ... hehehe ... sorry ya. next time.

  6. mott said...

    hee hee...

    thanks for doing this tag.....

    and now I know about no.1, next time i make u yum cha many many times...hee hee hee.....can ah?

  7. Judy Chow said...

    I most takut insect...geli la wei..kill cockroach with hands, they running fast also u able u catch them ah?

  8. Judy Chow said...
  9. FireHorse said...

    Hehe, lestorlan toilet, petrol station toilet, supermarket toilet, longkang I semua boleh pergi.

  10. J@n!ce said...

    Sasha, thanks for leaving the comments at my blog.
    I should say the zoo is fun if you have not been to the one in Sg. Rem to bring along extra shirt for Jayden. He will have a lot of dun at the children's playground, there is a water splash area :)
    Check out my post here when I visit the zoo sometimes back.

    Now back to your tag here :
    I saw some similarities here. I have to buy something home if I go out. Else, I feel that my trip is not worth... :D
    I like to wear heels too, but fell twice while preggie & since then, been wearing flats. Now, I cant wear heels bcos I'm used to flats after giving birth twice... LOL.

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