It's 3:20 pm now

I took 2 days leave. Jayden skipped school today. Why?

Because we wanted to accompany his dad for his birthday.

And what happened? He arranged to meet his customer on his leave. He said he will be back at 10 ish before 11. And he came back at 12.

Jayden was already sleeping that time.

So what's the point? I don't know.

Yesterday was the same. He went to work.

I should've gone to work and J should've gone to sch. At least I won't waste my 2 days unpaid leave.


  1. Mommy to Chumsy said...

    It's ok la S...don't be mad. Can go for dinner ;)

  2. L'abeille said...

    How about a belated birthday celebration? ;) HE PAYS muahaha...

  3. Mummy Joanne and Daddy Terence said...

    Sasha, don't angry. Smile smile!!**Joanne uses small fan to blow on Sasha's face to cool her down!**

    Make him pay for expensive lunch and dinner or a short holiday trip!!

  4. anywhere_Smile said...

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