i woke up at 5 am

Yeap I woke up at 5 am. My body was like leaking all over. The nose, the eyes the everywhere. The freaking air cond was so damn cold and someone just gotto pull the whole damn blanket over to his side and since we changed to king size bed and we sleep so damn far from each other, lagi teruk. Pissed, I woke up and folded the mountain of clothes. Mountains and mountains of it. I wonder how come I need to wash the clothes and fold the clothes all the time and not someone else.So I folded my own clothes and Jayden's of course and left someone's clothes out. Just think that he doesn't deserve it. Let it grow into a huge mountain and see if moss and fungus will grow out of it. Proly I will do that to his dirty laundry too. Yeah, why not? As if he will give a damn about it.

Then I started to sweat. Niamah, why isit so damn hot at 6 am in the morning? I took a shower and came out very fresh and I boiled some water and washed the rice cooker. I tell you, I dun have any freaking idea why he must leave the rice cooker unwashed in the sink. But if I were to do that, he'll nag me? And each time he leave it there I gotto bloody wash it cos I need to cook rice the next day?

So here I am at 6:50 am on our 4th anniversary, waiting for the sun to rice. opps.. already naik.

So, selamat ber-anniversary.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Dear Sasha,

    I can't help but to feel what you are going through and yes it can be really tough time during pregnancy. It isn't easy especially towards the end the third trimester where your belly gets bigger and everything seems to be on `fire - feeling hot and sweaty. I have been through that before.
    It's strange and sometimes hard for men to understand women in that sense why we are like this or that sometimes. That's human nature and a fact that we both male/female are from different planets.
    Hey, that doesn't mean we cannot live together! We just learn to compromise and accept each other's differences.
    What's most important of all is not to forget each others feelings likewise sensitive. It's always easier to point the finger at someone else for the mistakes. Sometimes it takes courage to admit it yourself and take up thata responsibility.
    What women want most is appreciation and affection. However men very often sees it otherwise, secondary and irrelevant. Well.......what can I say?
    It's great you have taken blogging as a thereupatic way of releasing your inner most thoughts. Releasing is the best way. Like the saying goes:
    `People can be unreasonable, illogical and self-centred. Love them anyway.............etc.
    Dr Quack.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Dr. Quack...

    it's hard for women to be a single parent..when she's married.

    it's hard for a woman who has to handle her children all by herself, while the man goes about his own business, not understanding how stressful it is.

    it's super hard to work, and be a mum at the same time...it sometimes makes a wife forget she's a wife.....how can u blame her? She has so many roles to take on! If only the man understands how stressful it is to be pregnant...and be a wife!

  3. Anonymous said...

    Dr. Quack

    by the way....that anon was not sasha..that was me.

    of course..who am I?

    I'm just a wife...a mother...and a very stressful person!

  4. Mummy Joanne and Daddy Terence said...

    Sasha, Happy 4th Anniversary.

    Woman and man comes from different planet, so there is a gap between 2of us. We said they dun understand us and they said we dun understand them, sigh!

    I agree with Dr Quack, "What women want most is appreciation and affection." but somehow, man is not so good in showing their feeling, they tend to keep it to themselves and keep telling us they are doing the very best for us and the family.

    So...give and take, which means sometimes we can GIVE them some "color" to see, to show them our power hahaha! But don't create the cold war for too long...as for TAKE, which will be TAKE it easy! haha!

    When i am not happy with hubb, i will usually cry out..cry cry cry, then forget about! Coz i figure out, they are "thick face" human, even they know we are angry, they still keep talking to us as if nothing happend...so no point for me to angry at him , this make me feel more suffer. So cry, then forget...or the other way is, write him an email and scold him, and express our feel through email, i found this way kinda work for me! haha!

  5. Anonymous said...

    Dear Dr. Quack,

    Sometimes it is easy to preach when not knowing the real situation. I used to "preach" a lot but I've learned to keep my mouth shut after knowing the truth. As friends or avid readers of EoBBB, we should just give our "shoulders" to support the author and let her vent.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Hahaha...aiyo..like that also got people scold. Trying to be nice also kena saboh balik. whatever....I will still say what I wish to say - call it preaching, nope...it's a free world likewise you come to read, you want to say something nice, say...if you wish to scold or tell people to be quiet.... The message/preaching is not meant for you anyway.

  7. Health Freak Mommy said...

    Truly understand how you feel, esp if that someone just doesnt understand how we feel. I've been there and am still there! Hiyah... ask him to send his clothes to the laundry lar.

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