Insurance Is Very Important

When Jayden got admitted into hospital a year ago for fever viral, we were so worried. Not only we're worried about his health condition but also worried about the hospital charges. Well, blame it on Big C. I told him about buying insurance for Lil J long time ago but he just brushed the idea off every single time! So when the time came, he regretted that we did not get Lil J covered with insurance. That really taught him a lesson! As soon as Lil J got out from the hospital, he immediately contacted the insurance agent and ask for quotes off different packages!

Few days later, the insurance agent came back with so many different quotes. At that moment, we had a headache trying to pick which was more suitable for Lil J. At last we picked the general health insurance for the entire family. According to the agent, we can even have car insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, home insurance and many many more.

Wow! That's a whole lot of different insurance to choose from. Anyway, its good to get our valuable items insured because the world have changed. It is no longer a safe place like it used to be 10 years ago. Since we have a choice to get things insured, why not? It's always good to prevent rather than cure, right?

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