Alah....Malu nye...

A few hours ago, our warehouse staff walked up and said "WAH GOT BIRTHDAY PRESENT!" and he passed to Lady O.

Lady O was gleeming, so happy.

Then the rest said "WAH WINNIE THE POOH SAMO!" her smile got bigger and bigger.

Then her facial expression changed. This is SASHA'S WAN LA!

NGEK NGEK NGEK......Malu NYe...

The parcel is from Mott for J's birthday..

You say...malu or not?



  1. Daddy Terence and mummy Joanne said...

    padan muka!!! Lady O so think face!!!!

    Tell her to go back and buy one Winnie The Pooh gift and send to office to herself, make it as is her admirer send it to her one!!!

  2. etceteramommy said...

    LOL.. why that colleague so jahat.. Lady O ma.. 'mo sai fei si'. He he...

  3. ShannonC. said...

    so damn embarassing

  4. W_W_H said...

    wakakakaka!!! padan muka!!!

    ask her to go and fly kite lah!!!

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