Malay Urut Lady

Want to loose weight fast after giving birth? Go for traditional urut with the tunku (hot stone) being pressed to yr tummy to remove the dirty blood and massage the entire to remove "wind".

For my first time, I went for urut but using slimming cream. It took me 1 year toget back in shape.

For my 2nd pregnancy, I hired Sheila and I managed to loose weight faster this time, esp the tummy area.

You can call her, she drives around KL and Klang Valley. Very sweet and nice lady :)

Sheila 012-2318436


  1. Health Freak Mommy said...

    The name sounds so familiar. Maybe I once used her. I loved my urut sessions during my confinement. Since I cant go to the spa now, perhaps I shd ask the urut lady to come to my hse and massage me!

  2. reanaclaire said...

    hi.. i just posted on massage too in my blog.. yes, malays are more well versed with massaging esp for those confinment ladies...
    really can relax after a good massage..

  3. Anonymous said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  4. Ayin said...

    Hi, just bumped in your blog while trying to find a confinement lady's contact number. Is Sheela's number the latest one? Tried to call her many times but the calls got disconnected.

  5. Sasha Tan said...

    Ayin, no idea la.. i heard from my frens she increased her price maybe she is out of msia?

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