To Nic or Not

I am currently taking Fenugreek pills from GNC to increase my breast milk production. And I have seen from forums and blogs that raw fenugreek can be used too. So I went to the hypermarkets and supermarkets to look for fenugreek and it was written in Bahasa and I have no idea how it looks like. Yeah i know, I'm stupid enough not to google and see how it looks like. Finally I managed to find fenugreek from the organic shop. I thought to myself "Hey...very cheap compared to the GNC pills. For a pack it's only RM5. So I happily bought 4 packs and went home.

And the other day.. i saw fenugreek in Carrefour and Jusco. For a pack it only costs me RM0.60. BUT it's not ORGANIC you see. So you see the big difference? RM5 vs RM0.60! That's like how many times more????

Sometimes I wonder whether it is better to go NIC-organic or just the normal way. Hey, my grandparents been taking all the non organic food and they live till they're about 90. So if I were to take organic food , do you think I will live longer and healthier?


  1. Kok said...

    Is organic proven better? I also don't know. Just like how they promote the water filter... when you go out drink kopi o, they also don't use water filter mah. :D

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