Don't care la....

You know sometimes you will see some of your friends putting upset msn msgs and you felt like asking "Are you okay?". So probably you're caring or just plain kaypoh.

So you asked. And sometimes you get a "thanks" but sometimes  you got snapped for doing so.

So probably you asked a few times and you got snapped a few times. To convince yourself, "oh bad mood....its okay la. Let her snap at you. What friends are for right?"

But I tell you, sometimes there's no point la. Probably to them, you're just so annoying. So so annoying till you dun have to do anything they will hate you, and when you're being nice they think you're being sarcastic.

So how? MindYourOwnBusiness la...


  1. Blur Angel said...

    hahah how come u never buzz me today ??? i'm upset lo ! :)

  2. mott said...

    *snap snap snap*

    here...take meat cleaver!



  3. Annie Q said...

    lucky u didn't "snap" me yesterday when i buzz u and ask u "r u okay?"

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