Wyeth Careline

A customer service lady from Wyeth just called me and informed me that they have a new careline for Wyeth members. Apparently they got my contact when I sent my son for a jab at his paed. So this lady (forgot her name !) was very nice. She told me that I can call the :

toll-free careline at 1-800-88-55-26
Monday to Friday
9am - pm

to ask anything regarding my kid(s).

We chatted for a while and she asked me about my future plan for no.2. I told her it's on the way already and she was thrilled and asked me about my breastfeeding plan. I told her I will try my best to breastfeed. She said you cannot say TRY. You must say you MUST! *sweating*

And she asked me about my plan after birth. I told her I will stay home and she told me be prepared for a mental time cos its not easy to juggle between taking care of 2 kids and housechores *sweating* Anyway, iI can call the careline and chat with them just to release stress cos she knows that its very stressful being a SAHM.

Okay at least I know when no one is listening/looking in my blog, I can call the careline and talk to someone.


  1. Kok said...

    what lah. I'll look/listen to your blog!:D

  2. mott said...

    me 2


  3. Julie said...

    Wah...so good. Got free listener. No need to pay for phone bills also...toll free mah.

  4. Anonymous said...


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