A Holiday In The Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is Europe's treasures waiting to be discovered. It is filled with enchanting mixture of sun-kissed islands, rustic architecture, cosmopolitan cities and not forgetting, a very unique culture. People always say that time travels in the Mediterranean. If want to escape to the Mediterranean for your dream vacation, there are a few cities which you may wish to explore.

One of them is Malta. With enchanting coastal landscapes, peaceful villages, impressive historical cities, great food, fun nightlife and a mild climate year round, Malta is an ideal holiday destination. Malta hotels are aplenty and you may make your reservations at Cheaperthanhotels.co.uk.

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Cyprus is known as the paradise island of the Mediterranean Sea. It has subtropical climate, picturesque mountains, sandy beaches, historical monuments and more. There are many Cyprus hotels to choose from and a 2-star hotel is available from as low as EUR24.00.

Another great island to explore is Crete. It is the largest island in Greece and is home to many beautiful gorges. The coast of Crete are a mixture of beautiful and undisturbed sandy white beaches. Besides Crete hotels, you may find other types of accommodation such as guesthouses, serviced apartments, flats and more.

If you are also planning to visit the undiscovered island of Corsica and the superb beaches of Corfu, do look for Corsica hotels or Corfu hotels at Cheaperthanhotels.co.uk.

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