Big Money!

"Big Money!" shouted Big C in the room. I was wondering what happened so I went in and saw him clicking his mouse away. I went closer and I saw him playing ROULETTE! Immediately I twisted his ears and scolded him for gambling and started to nag him.

Then he said "babe, I'm just playing it for fun. Moreover no cash is involved. Don't worry, even if I really play with real money I will look at the review in this site and evaluate which is the reputable online casino that I should try. They even have ranking for each online casino. I won't simply just try any online casino, you know?"

Okay, so I peeped at the screen and he was really playing it for fun and I know his attitude. For everything he does, he will evaluated and study the strategies before he even try. Then I said....."Okay move away now. How do you play this?" and we both enjoyed our evening clicking the mouse and saying BIG MONEY the whole night. *LOL*


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    Haha - good work

    Frank - Quick Cash

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