When they fight....

If you've read earlier, I have mentioned that my 2 bosses are...ahem....

Anyway, one is kwailowe and another is Chinese sporean.

The Chinese, very calculative till every cents.

The Kwailowe, wanted everything fast. Anything that can stop you being slow, change it.

So I have been complaining about my MAC, that it is super slow and something is wrong with it. Kwai was here last last week. He said buy new one. Then he went back to spore.

Then the chinese one came, I said the same thing and he said "MAC IS LIKE THIS WAN. VERY SLOW WAN. You go and settle the problem yourself la. When there is a problem, I expect you to tell me solution. Don't tell me the problem."

Fine. So I went to Apple and asked about it. And they said that we need to send it in to reformat it. So I came back and told him and he said "Okay let me check and see how first".

Fine. And he went back to spore.

Last week both of them came to Msia. True enough the MAC was about to die. And it DIED! Kapoosh Kapish! all my new designs ...gone just like that. I told the Kwai about it and he freaked. "WHAT???ALL GONE????" He was so pissed!

And they fought about it. Like husband and wife.
The kwai accused the sporean that it was his fault for not buying a new MAC.
The Chinese blamed me saying that I never settle the problem. *raise eyebrow*
The kwai defended me and scold the Chinese.
The chinese jealous.
The kwai said "I WANT TO BUY SACHA (yeah he calls and write my name like that) A NEW MAC. IF NOT SHE CANNOT DO HER WORK."
The chinese scold back. FINE!!! BUY NEW ONE FOR HER!!! SPEND 10K for ONE MAC. FINE!!!!

And then I realised that I have saved some in my personal thumb drive. And I told the Kwai about it and he was so relieved.

I told him " You better get me one thumbdrive".

And he replied "SACHA I BUY YOU ANYTHING!!!!!"

Of course the Chinese were jealous like mad.

And they went out to Ikano to look at the price.
And they came back.
And the Chinese told me, "Sasha I will get my cousin who is working MAC USA to get Someone to call back and get someone to get cheaper MAC for you. So you wait okay?."


Niamah, the whole day we just sit here and listen to them argue like husband and wife. FIne here Fine there.

And you know what?
The chinese came to my table and gave me the paper (the price list) and said

WTF. I need to choose and I cannot have problem in the future? what kind of crap is that. It's a machine not like its god cannot go rosak or something. I'm not gonna make the decision. I just smiled and kept quiet. It's kinda fun looking at the bickering at each other. haha

The kwai came to me and said "Sacha I'll go spore and check out the MAC okay?"

:D okay ...I said.

The chinese is angry and jealous. Eh not my prob that your bf is doing the right thing to be Nice to the staff okay.

So now, I'm MAC-less and I'm using my own laptop to work. *sigh*

You see when they fight I suffer the most. And you know what, I'm not involved in the love triangle also why I kena leh?


  1. Eva said...

    Eh,I tell u both of them like small kids ler.Why so susah just buy one will do lar hehehe!

  2. Annie Q said...

    Y must buy MAC lei? No other choice ar?

  3. Joanne said...

    Sacha, oops..should be Sasha! hahaha! It's so fun seeing the kwailoe and Chinapek argue, but too bad, you are caught in between..luckily the kwailoe side you! So soon u will have new toy to play with!

  4. kerry said...

    I have a fren who is the Apple's BM in MV. If you ever need help, buzz me, i shall pass you his number...

    But not sure if he's generous enough to give staff price onot lar... :P

  5. lemonjude said...

    Such an un-professional way to solve problem. The conversation throw here and there. Some more they are boss, arguing over a MAC for a staff..if there are a few more things in the office spoil, how they handle..

  6. Hor ny Ang Moh said...

    U get 'kena' b'cos u r beautifull & hardworking so the gwai lo like u loh! China men not need to say lah! one cents is as big as a tyre!
    Have a nice day!

  7. adrian said...

    Hor, hor... u "kaw" gwailo! I tell ur husband! :P

  8. Colin Wee said...

    You should get a boss like mine - who's as much concerned with my welfare as he is with the company's welfare! Colin

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